Hongzhang Shao
PhD Candidate Georgia Tech
An absent-minded math researcher

About Me

Hi, I’m Hongzhang “Steve” Shao, a researcher who works with data and mathematical models. Currently, I’m a PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, advised by Professor Anton J. Kleywegt. You can read my Curriculum Vitae for more information.

When I’m not coding, I read and write to stay mindful.


In Preparation
  • Kleywegt, A. J., Li, Y. & Shao, H., A Markov Decision Process Model for Drivers’ Relocating Behavior in Ride-Hailing Systems.
  • Kleywegt, A. J. & Shao, H., (2021). Optimizing Pricing, Repositioning, En-Route Time, and Idle Time in Ride-Hailing Systems.

  • Kleywegt, A. J. & Shao, H., (2021). Joint Price and Assortment Optimization under Discrete Choice Models: A Conic Programming Framework.

    • ArXiv :

    • slides | presentation recording

  • Kleywegt, A. J. & Shao, H., (2020). Tractable Profit Maximization over Multiple Attributes under Discrete Choice Models.

  • Kleywegt, A. J. & Shao, H., (2020). Joint Estimation of Discrete Choice Model and Arrival Rate with Unobserved Stock-out Events.

    • ArXiv : 2003.02313.

    • slides | presentation recording

Published / Under Review
Science is like sex. Enjoy it in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. Sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.